A Solid Foundation for McNeese Athletics.

In 1991, the McNeese Petrochem Golf Classic was established to raise funds to eliminate the debt incurred in building a dressing room for visiting football teams, and in 1993, the debt was erased. Through this effort, enthusiasm has grown in support of McNeese athletics and supporters have expressed a desire to help McNeese State University by funding projects to build and upgrade facilities for the athletes at McNeese. Thus, the PETROCHEM ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION was chartered to sponsor the building of needed facilities on the McNeese campus that can be utilized by all athletic programs.

The Association has as its primary objective to raise funds for special projects through the annual McNeese PetroChem Golf Classic held each October and PETROCHEM ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION memberships.

Since 1995, the PCAA has donated $1.5 million toward the construction of various athletics facilities including the sports medicine complex, the track and field office and dressing rooms, the women's softball complex, new field house and various other projects. Whith plans on the drawing board for new facilities, the PCAA will again be instrumental in raising funds for these projects.

The PCAA has been and still is a valuable fund raising arm for McNeese athletics. Please help us by JOINING THE PETROCHEM ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Your support is very much needed and appreciated.

Thank You.

Message from the President

TO:      PETROCHEM Members:

The PETROCHEM Athletic Association, in order to support the financial needs of McNeese Athletic Programs needs your support.   Membership renewal time is here for 2017.   Memberships for the last few years have been constant with very little growth.   In order to support budget cuts in all sports your help is needed.   We need you to join today and help all programs with their non budgeted needs.  In 2013, PETROCHEM was able to support Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Tennis, Soccer, Athletic Training and Football with over $70,000 in donations.   To these sports the assistance was a blessing – their immediate needs were met.

Our efforts to raise funds hinges on membership/sponsorships and our Annual McNeese PETROCHEM Golf Classic held in the Fall.   To date PETROCHEM has made donations of over $1.5 Million since 1995.   Coaches and players look to us for support not only for facilities but for equipment and just financial support of their budgets.  Our initial and primary goal as an organization is to improved facilities as seen in the Dowell Fontenot Sports Medicine Complex, The New Jack V. Doland Field House, The Nancy Hank Tennis Complex, The Women’s Softball Complex[new indoor batting complex and covered bull pen facility], Soccer sound system, and numerous smaller facility upgrades and equipment purchases.  All of these upgrades enhances coaches ability to recruit top athletes.  We need your help to continue our mission.

PETROCHEM controls every dollar raised.  Though approved through the Athletic Director’s Office all monies are approved and directed by PETROCHEM Board of Directors.  Coaches have a need, make a request through the Athletic Director, the AD brings to the board and disbursement is approved or denied based on need and account balance.  The more we raise the more we have to offer our coaches and their programs.  WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT.

I am asking for your continued support and the support of you – new member of sponsor – to continue our effort.   The economy has hit athletics hard.  We all enjoy our sporting events – without funding they will slowing dwindle.  Please join today.  I am encouraged by the enthusiasm of our coaches and their staffs – let’s not et them down.  Our student athletes and coaches  need you for without you we cannot fund programs. 

PLEASE JOIN TODAY.   Our membership information is on this website.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact PETROCHEM members or me directly at 337-936-7864 or john.bruney@yahoo.com.

Thank you in advance for your support and continued support of McNeese Athletics.

Join Today !

GEAUX COWBOYS !           

John A. Bruney, President
PETROCHEMCIAL Athletic Association